Perfect Relax After a Long Work Day
Perfect Relax After a Long Work Day
Perfect Relax After a Long Work Day
Perfect Relax After a Long Work Day
Perfect Relax After a Long Work Day

The wellness centre

The Wellness centre of the Business Hotel ASTRUM Laus is a splendid place for relax, refreshing your power and releasing your organism, where a trained staff will take care of you. There are two Jacuzzis, whirlpool, dry Finnish sauna, dry bio sauna, steam sauna, infra sauna and adventure shower. Pleasant atmosphere and comfort make it a splendid place for both body and spirit relax.


The Business Hotel ASTRUM Laus**** team wishes you a pleasant relax and recharging of new positive energy 

2-hours entry20€
Hotel guests10€
Every extra hour10€
5-entries voucher (5 x two hour entry to the wellness) - soft drink with each entry + 1x fitness entry included in the price of voucher90€
10-entries voucher (10 x two hour entry to the wellness) - soft drink with each entry + bathrobe rental with each entry + 2x fitness entry included in the price of voucher150€
Extra towel4€
Extra sheet5€
Bathrobe rent6€
Private wellness - 1 hour (max 10 person)170€
*Private rentals must be reported at least 24 hours in advance and will only become valid upon receipt of the rental confirmation to the applicant’s email address.
Massage type30 minutes45minutes60 minutes90 minutes
Classic full body massage--36,00 €54,00 €90 minutes recommended
Classic back + neck massage 20,00 €-36,00 €--
Classic back massage + cupping therapy-27,50 €36,00 €--
Classic massage + lava stone massage - full body--36,00 €54,00 €90 minutes recommended
Cupping therapy – back21,00 €29,50 €--
Reflex foot massage20,00 €-31,00 €--
Chocolate massage--41,00 €59,00 €-
Honey massage-35,00 €41,00 €--
Peat treatment-35,00 €41,00 €--
Manual lymphatic drainage --41,00 €--
Relaxing massage22,00 €-36,00 €--




Finnish sauna
An overall hot air bath that releases harmful substances from the body, reinforces the immune system, speeds up the metabolism and improves chronic respiratory system diseases. Leads to release of locomotive organ muscles. Helps at skin issues and is favourable for hydration and regeneration of the skin. The air temperature of 85°C – 95°C causes body sweating and thus to release of toxic substances from the body.

Bio sauna
Overall hot air bath at the temperature of 60°C – 80°C. The bio sauna is optimal for releasing muscles and detoxifying the body. Favourably acts on blood circulation regulation.

Steam sauna
With the temperature of 45°C – 53°C and the humidity up to 100%, it is favourable against allergies, cold, airways diseases, rheumatic diseases, for overall body detoxification and for skin purification.

Infra sauna
Heat transfer using infra rays effectively detoxifies body, removes deep impurities of the skin, reducess stiffness of limbs, joints and spine, reduces pain and muscel tension, stimulates blood circulation and helps eliminate cellulite. The air temperature in the sauna is 35°C – 50°C.

Bucket of courage
You can cool down your organism also using the bucket of courage and icy shower, it means short stays in water with a temperature of 9-12°C. This leads to massive stimulation of the immunity system. The resulting effect of the procedure is strengthening of health and vitality. Cooling down by cold water from the bucket immediately after the sauna is a great form of body conditioning and a certain kind of courage. Positive effects: Massive stimulation of the immunity system.

It produces crushed ice serving to cool down the body after staying in the sauna or steam. Positive effects: When cooling down the organism, there is a massive stimulation of the immunity system, increase of red and white blood cells effecting your blood circulation.

Adventure shower
Adventure shower with tropic rainfall, Scotch hose and colourful backlight. Positive effects: The massage shower has relaxing effects. It is suitable against physical and psychical load to the body.

The substance of positive effects of the hydrotherapy is an optimal water temperature, upward pressure and targeted jets. The hydrotherapy reinforces the blood circulation, decreases the blood pressure, releases muscles and stimulates the immunity system. At the same time, it is favourable for humans psyche, releases stress, anxiety and depression, increases body defensiveness, brings a feeling of euphoria, relaxation and peace. Furthermore, it stimulates generation of endorphins speeding up relief from pain and fatigue.

Tepidarium, relaxation zone
The tepidarium is a relaxation area with heated seats. Relax is assured by beautiful shapes, music, air full of essences of various aromas. Positive effects: The relaxing atmosphere will make you forget all daily troubles, removes stress and acts as a prevention of diseases.

Hydro massaging whirlpool
The hydro massaging whirlpool provides you with a water treatment procedure using pressure of water and generation of bubbles. The body relaxes in the warm water leading to a deep relax of joints and muscles. Using of the whirlpool leads to immediate muscle and psychic relax, hyperaemia, decline of pain and improvement of joint flexibility. From a long term aspect, it leads to improvement of blood circulation, heart activity, metabolism, increase of physical and psychical condition and overall resistance of the body as well as a positive effect on overweight reduction.

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